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Mostly all over the World tents are be used for setting up relief camps, that is the reason one see all sorts of relief camps made of tents. They not only can provide shelter to the people but also can protect them from the severity of nature. It is for this very reason that one sees all types of camps being made of tents. Then tents are also useful on occasions when a medical drive is on to help the people who might have suffered a calamity. Tents are therefore mostly in demand when there is a disaster and relief camps have to be set up. It is the time when tents are purchased in large numbers by both government and NGOs. All the companies that claim to produce top quality tents there is one name that has to be included in the list. Indeed, Ajmeri Textile is one company that is well known in the field of tents manufacture and supply due to its experience and competitive rates.

The tents produced by Ajmeri Textile are made of good quality canvas cloth which makes them extremely strong. Then again all these tents are water proof which further enhances their utility. The Tents are as per International Standards set by IFRC, UNICEF, UNHCR Tent. The buyer of these tents also stands to gain such useful accessories like Steel pegs, ground pins, guy ropes & repairing kit. Another great advantage of these tents are that they are priced reasonably. The tents are made by finest craftsmen with long experience in production of Disaster tents.

These are the reasons that make Ajmeri Textile the most popular relief tents suppliers in Pakistan. The company has established around 15 relief camps all over Pakistan due the disaster caused by flood. It is also selling tents at even more discounted rates to companies that are willing to help the affected people.


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