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Deluxe Tents
Deluxe Tent (SDT / 11)
Mark: Single Fly Single Fold
Suitable Sizes: 4x 4 M, 5x5 M 4x6 M 5x8 M, 5x9 M, 9x29
M, 9x30M, 9x32M, 18x30 M, Or any other size
Specifications: Central Height:  3.00 M
Wall Height: 1.70 M
Material: Gray Canvas or Water proof Canvas/
Inner Fold: Plain / Printed Dyed Yellow/ Green Lining
Ground Sheet: PVC Coated
Accessories: Central Iron poles / wooden or Iron with all accessories
Shipping Weight: 4M x 3M weight 38kg approx, 4Mx4M  weight 40kg  approx
Packing: Tent poles and accessories in one bundle
Note : Specification is change on request of client
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